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Types of puffer Jacket

types of puffer jacket

Puffer Jacket

The Down Jacket, known more commonly in the fashion industry as the “puffer jacket” or simply “puffer,” is a quilted coat that is insulated with either duck or geese feathers. Puffer jackets are very useful to protect Your body from cold. Puffer jackets play a vital role in shaping fashion.
Some famous Type of puffer jacket
• Classic puffer jackets
• Crop puffer jacket
• Patent
• Puffer vest
• Coloured puffer jacket
• Textured

types of puffer
type of puffer jacket

Classic puffer jackets

Classic puffer jackets one of the type of puffer jacket. Most Commonly used in winter, Whether it be a floral print or a cropped shape, the puffer is always a good investment

Crop puffer jacket

The crop puffer is mostly used by women.The crop is small in size due to its small size,it is most popular in puffer jackets

Crop puffer
Patent puffer

Patent Puffer Jacket

The patent puffer jacket is a type of puffer jacket. Its feature is that it is shiny so it is different from other types of the puffer jackets.



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